Secure Online Retail

LUTECH GEAR is a full-service online retail store with its own shipping solutions. We do NOT make use of drop-shipping delivery methods, or Postal services, our products (if stocked at external suppliers abroad) are imported to South Africa on a weekly basis and delivered direct to our customer. We hope the content in our store helps guide and navigate you through your purchases and drives home our belief that modern innovation is for everyone.


Global Imports

LUTECH GEAR is a fully licensed and trusted importer with its own global logistics divisions, which handles all domestic and international shipping operations and final delivery to our customer either via local courier, air, or sea transport. We work directly with the world’s leading suppliers, manufactures, distributors and factories, allowing our customers to stay on the ball with the coolest, newest, and latest gear at affordable prices.


Delivery Estimates

Delivery estimates are provided on the relevant product page, however, customer satisfaction and our ability to offer high quality items at the absolute best price possible is the main priority in everything we do, we aim to deliver your order within 2-10 working days, depending where the item is shipped from and where you are based. If we run into any major delays regarding our delivery time frame, we will be in touch.


Our store was founded in 2017, designed to provide high quality products on some of the most exciting gear available on the market today, and is always top of mind for us! We have made a few changes to our store in 2019, making it more interactive and user friendly, not to mention more fun. We hope you enjoy it as LUTECH GEAR will build on this going forward!

Our vision

Connecting people to innovation, New innovative gear should not be a luxury that only some people can enjoy, everyone should be able to use and checkout all the newest and latest tech gear available on the market. With affordable prices, daily deals, fast shipping and secure checkouts' you can rest assured' We've got you covered.

Social Responsibility

We practice social responsibility by donating money, products and (or) services to social causes and registered non-profit organizations. Our policy is to conduct business fairly and ethically, and regardless of our business size, we aim to take all necessary steps to reduce our carbon footprints in order to have a positive impact on the environment.

Cooperate with Us!

LUTECH GEAR sells all kinds of Tech, Gear, Gadgets, Toys, Home, Outdoor, Computer hardware and accessories. If there is anything you are interested in which we do not have on our store, just drop us a mail or message and we will list it for you at a great price! You can use any of our 'Contact us' methods to get in touch.

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